How to Create a Facebook Page For a Blog: Easily Set up a Fan Page

Create a Facebook Page For a Blog

If you want to increase the readability of your site or help increase its popularity, learning how to create a Facebook page for a blog located on your site should be at the top of your list and there is no better platform than Facebook to get you started.

Facebook provides bloggers with an ideal platform for creating a blog fan page The platform has the most active users worldwide, which means that the fans you attract to your blog page are more likely to read what you post.

It also allows you to separate your personal profile from that of your blog. Something that many bloggers feel the need to do so, their professional and real personalities remain separate.

No matter what your reasoning behind creating a Facebook page for a blog, it’s the right step. This guide analyzes the whole process so that you do not have any problems and create the page within 10 minutes.

See how you can create a Facebook page for a blog

  • Select the page creation option
  • Create your business or brand
  • Add a fan page image of the blog
  • Upload a cover photo
  • Change the URL of your Facebook page
  • Add a description of your blog
  • Fill in the information on the “About” tab
  • Invite people to like your blog page
  • Promote your blog fan page

To create an account for your blog, you must first have a Facebook account. So, if you have not already done so, create a Facebook account first. For those who already have a personal or business Facebook account, follow the steps below to create your blog fan page.

Facebook Page

  • Select the option to create a page

Once you have logged in to Facebook, the top panel has a “Create” tab, click on it and select “Page”.

  • Establish your business or brand name

Select a Facebook page business or brand name Click on the Start tab in the business or brand selection. Since for most bloggers, their blog is a business or a brand, this option is ideal. You will then be given the option to enter the name of your page and the category to which it belongs.

Enter the name and because it is a blog, you can select either “Blogger” or “Personal Blog” in the category, depending on which of the two categories your blog belongs to.

After selecting the category, you can click the “Continue” tab at the bottom.


  • Add a fan page image of the blog

You will now have the option to upload a profile photo to your blog fan page. Most personal bloggers upload an image of themselves, others upload their logo. Whatever image you upload here, make sure it is relevant to your blog.

For example, if you do not have a logo, but a blog about food, then you can upload a picture of the food here. Just make sure the image you upload is professional and gives fans the feeling that you care about your blog. This will be one of the first aspects of your blog fan page that users will see.


Facebook Page


  • Upload a cover photo

Like your personal profile, your blog fan page also has a cover photo. If you want to upload a photo here that is related to your blog, make sure it is professional again.


Again, if you do not have a photo to upload at this point and time, you can skip this step and do so later.

  • Change the URL of your Facebook page

Once you upload (or skip uploading) your photos, your blog fan page will be created. One of the first things you want to do is change the URL of your page.

Changing the URL makes it easier for users to remember. To do this, you need to click on the “show more” tab in the left pane and click on “Information”.

FAcebook Username

Then click “Create Page @ Username” and another box will appear in which you can enter the username you want.

If available you can create the username and the URL of your page will also change depending on the username. For example, if you select the username, the personal blogger, then the URL of the Facebook fan page will be

  • Add a description of your blog

After editing the URL, you want to add a short description of your blog. Here, you give a brief overview of your blog, what it is and any other information you want to add.


This will be one of the first things viewers will read, so you want to make it appealing. But be sure to keep it short as well, summarize everything in less than 255 characters, as that is the limit.


To enter the description, you can return to the homepage of your blog page and click “Add a short description”.

Click the “Save” tab as soon as you complete your description.

About Facebook

  • Fill in the information on the “About” tab

Add Facebook for information With the description completed, you want to go back to the “Information” tab and fill in all the information you can. It is important to fill in as much as possible so that when visitors come to the page, they can get all the information they need.


Now, you may not want to share your number or any other information. That’s okay, you can fill in whatever you want, but make sure you fill in the basics like website, company overview, startup date, and email.



  • Invite people to like your blog page

With your blog fan page and more information, you are now ready to start inviting people to come and like / follow your page.

The best place to start is with friends and relatives who are already online. Facebook makes it easy for you to invite people from your network to the “Meet friends who might like your page” tab. Here you can search and select all your friends on your network that you want to invite to like your page.


  • Promote your blog fan page

Facebook Promotion Tab One of the reasons you created a fan page for your blog is to reach a wider audience. Facebook allows you to do this by choosing to promote your page.

You can do this by clicking “Forward” on the sidebar. It is important that you post all of your information and have already posted blog posts on the fan page, so once Facebook promotes your page, your visitors have something to interact with.

Initially, your goal will be to promote your blog page, receive more “like” tags, and reach a wider audience. So you want to choose it and go through the process of promoting it.

Over time, as your page grows in popularity, you can start promoting your blog directly by selecting “Get More Website Visitors”. But again, promoting your page is tantamount to promoting your site, as all of your blogs will be shared on your page and fans will click through to get to your site.

Conclusion of a blog page on Facebook

With this, your blog fan page is set up on Facebook and in a short time, you will have more traffic to your blog. The page setup process is quite easy, what can be difficult is how to promote the page.


Once you track your promotional efforts, you need to have a strategy in the short term. All of this will help you gain more fans and readers for your blog.


If you have any questions about Facebook Page Creation just put a comment below.

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